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(Diemchuantuyensinh.comPrefixes and suffixes: out, super, sur, sub, under, over
I. Prefixes and suffixes: out, super, sur, sub, under, over

1. Dont be --------------; everything will be all right.
A. over anxious B. overbearing C. overnight D. oversea
2. You should eat more. You are a bit --------------.
a. underweight B. overweight C. out weight D. weightless
3. She -------------- her husband by five years.

A. outrun B. outweighed C. outlived D. outnumbered
4. We protest against their -------------- treatment of prisoners.
A. subhuman B. superhuman C. surhuman D. over human
5. There is  a determination to ---------------- problems.
A. overwork B. overturn C. overwrite D. overcome
6. Boiled meat can keep in ______________ containers and shipped to other countries.
A. airsick B. airtight C. airship D. airbase
7. When --------- “un” , the word “happy” becomes its opposite.
A.  it adds B. it is adding C. added D. adding

II. Verb form:
1. V + Verb ( bare ): had better (d better), would rather (d rather), used to, have to, help (toV/ Vbare), Can/could/may/must/will…,
 make/ let + O + V (Nếu ở dạng bị động : Be let/made + to V)
2.  V + V-ing: admit, avoid, appreciate, delay, deny, detest, dislike, enjoy, look forward, mind, miss, postpone, risk, practice, suggest, give up, finish, cant bear, cant help, feel like, be busy, be worth, be used to, get used to, its no use/good  …
 After prepositions: to, at from, about,……..
3.  V + to V: agree, arrange, ask, beg, decide, determine, desire, expect, fail, hope, invite, manage, offer, plan, refuse, seem, tell, tend, wish, want, would like, be willing…
 S + V ( be, seem, look, feel,…..) + ADJ + to V
Verb ( want, ask, tell, request, order, beg, advise, ……………. ) + O + to V
4. Các trường hợp ngoại lệ khác:
 Allow/ permit/ recommend/ advise … + V-ing
    + O + To V
 Stop + to V : dừng lại để….
                  V-ing: từ bỏ (thói quen)
 Remember + V-ing: nhớ đã làm gì (quá khứ)
          To V: nhớ sẽ làm gì (tương lai)
 Forget + V-ing: đã quên làm gì (quá khứ)
   To V : Sẽ(không) quên làm gì (tương lai)
 Regret + V-ing: hối hận vì đã…
   To V: thông báo một tin xấu
 Try + V-ing: thử làm gì đó
         To V: cố gắng làm gì đó
 Need:  nếu chủ ngữ chỉ người: S + need, require, want + to V
                          Nếu chủ ngữ chỉ vật: S + need, require, want + V- ing or to be V(pp)
 Exercise: Choose the best answer:
1. Many young people are fond of -------------- football and other kinds of sports.
A. play B. to play C. playing D. played
2. They couldnt help -------------- when they heard the little boy singing a love song.
A. laughing B. to laugh C. laugh D. laughed
3. Your house needs -------------- .
A. redecorated B. redecorating C. being redecorated D. to redecorate
4. I remember -------------- them to play in my garden.
A. to allow B. allow C. allowing D. allowed
5. It  was a nasty memory. Do you remember both of us wearing sunglasses to avoid -------------- by the supervisors?
A. to recognize B. to be recognized C. recognizing D. being recognized
6. I cant bear thinking back of that time. Id rather -------------- equally.
A. treat B. be treated C. have treated D. treating
7. Did you accuse Nam of -------------- a plate? Well, I saw him -------------- it off the table with his elbow.
A. break/ knock B. breaking/ knocking C. to break/ to knock D. breaking/ knock
8. We found it very difficult -------------- with Gamma.
A. to work B. work C. working D. worked
9. I cant read when I am traveling. It makes me -------------- sick.
A. feel B. to feel C. felt D. feeling
10. I need -------------- whats in the letter. Why dont you let me -------------- it?
A. to know/ to read B. know/ read C. to know/ read D. knowing/ read
11. I suggest -------------- some more mathematical puzzles. 
A.  do B. to do C. doing D. done
12. We regret -------------- you that we cannot approve your suggestion.
A. inform B. to inform C. informing D. informed
13. The driver stopped -------------- a coffee because he felt sleepy.
A. have B. to have C. having D. had
14. Have you ever considered -------------- a pharmacist?
A.  become B. becoming C. to become D. became
15. You had better -------------- at home until you feel better.
A. staying B. stayed C. to stay D. stay
16. I remember -------------- my mother said the grass in the garden needed --------------.
A. to hear/cutting B. hear/cut C. heard/to cut D. hearing/ cutting
17. Peter sometimes help his sister --------------.
A. do homework B. to do homework C. with homework D. all are correct
18. I would rather -------------- at home than --------------out with you.
A. staying/going B. to stay/ to go C. stay/go D. stayed/went
19. I would rather you --------------.
A. drive B. to drive C. drove D. driven
20. She didnt say a word and left the room.
A. She left the room without saying a word B. She leaving the room without saying a word
C. She left the room saying a word D. She left the room to say a word.
21. My father wanted me -------------- a pilot.

A. become B. to become C. becoming D. became
22. Please wait a minute. My boss is busy -------------- something.
A. write B. writing C. to write D. to writing
23. My teacher doesnt allow us -------------- while he is explaining the lesson.
A. talk B. to talk C. talking D. talked
24. We have plenty of time. We neednt -------------- 
A.  hurry B. to hurry C. hurrying D. hurried
25. I promised -------------- on time. I mustnt -------------- late.
A. be/be B. to be/to be C. to be/ be D. be/to be
26. Mary and I are looking forward -------------- you.
A.  of seeing B. for seeing C. to seeing D. to see
27. Im sure that he knows -------------- this new machine.
A. to use B. using C. how using D. how to use
28. Psychiatrists and doctors have failed -------------- people not to drink.     
A. to tell B. telling C. tell D. told
29. The students are used to -------------- in the school library. 
A. working B. work C. to work    D. worked
30. Our room needs -------------- up.
A. tidied B. to tide C. tidy D. tidying
31. Mercurys low gravity makes you -------------- very light in a spaceship.
A. feel B. feeling C. to feel D. felt
32. “ Was the test long?”. “ Yes, John was the only one -------------- it”
A. to finish B. finishing C. finished D. finish
33. A lots of needs -------------- to the house before anyone can move in.
A. be done B. doing C. to do D. done
34. It is about time you -------------- harder for the next exam.
A. worked B. working C. work D. to work
35. If he really doesnt feel like -------------- now, I suggested that he should go out for some fresh air.
A. work B. to work C. worked D. working

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