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(Diemchuantuyensinh.comGRAMMAR: Tenses, transformation of tenses, subject and verb agreement, inversion, tag question - . Other rules: Subject and verb agreement:
Other rules: Subject and verb agreement:

1. every, each, either, neither… (of) + N

2. everything, nobody , someone, something, somebody…

3. money, time, distance( khoaûng caùch), subject, weight, disease,…

4. S1 and S2 ( 2 things/ people)

5. The + adj (  ex: the poor, the rich, the old, the young…)

6. police, people, cattle, children…

7. S1 +  as well as/ along with/ accompanied with +   S2             

8. Neither, Either, Not only +  S1 + nor, or, but also +  S2

9.  The number of   +  N 

10. A number of      +  N

11. There +be + N

12. That clause, to verb, verb – ing

13. The + noun + preposition(of, in ,on…………) + noun phrase

­ Exercise: Choose the best answer:
1.     No news -------------- good news.                      
A. is                   
B. are                     
C. were                      
D. have been
2.     Here -------------- some accounts that you must check.                         
A. is                                                       
B. are                                             
C. were                                          
D. was
3.     A lot of homework -------------- me tired.  
A. make 
B. makes    
C. have made  
D. are making

4.     Not only Mr. Pike but also his sons -------------- tea.                              
A. likes    
B. like   
C. has liked             
D. liking
5.     Mathematics -------------- us with many aspects.     
A. helps    
B. help  
C. have helped      
D. helping
6.     The United States -------------- of about 160 nations.
A. consists                                             
B. consist                                     
  C. consisting                     
D. have consisted
7.     Coffee contains caffeine, and --------------  
A. tea does so                                     
B. so tea does                             
C. so does tea                            
D. does tea so
8.     Both Tom -------------- Mary are students. 
A. and                                   
 B. nor            
C. or                                 
D. with
9.     Plenty of milk -------------- consumed everyday.                                     
A. are              
B. is                             
C. was                                            
D. were
10.   Neither you nor I -------------- responsible for the bad result.
A. are     
B. is                     
C. am               
D. be
11.   Ten thousand dollars -------------- a large sum of money. 
A. are      
B. is       
C. were     
D. being
12.   Each of us -------------- a book report  next week.  
A. will have      
B. has    
C. is having  
D. have
13.   I can not speak Spanish. – -------------- 
A. So can I                                         
B. Neither can I                        
C. Either can I                              
D. Neither can’t I
14.   Both Jane and Mary, as well as John, -------------- ready for the exam. 
A. is                                                    
B. was                                        
C. are                                             
D. has been
15.   Working for 12 hours a day -------------- her very tired.
A. make                                             
B. makes                                   
C. making                                      
D. have made
16.   The number of the days in a week -------------- seven.
A. is                                                    
B. was                                        
C. are                                             
D. were
17.   Both Jane and Mary, as well as John, -------------- ready for the exam. 
A. is                                                    
B. was                                        
C. are                                             
D. has been
18.   What he told you -------------- to be of no importance.
A. seems                                           
B. seem                                    
C. is seeming                               
D. has seemed
19.   The army -------------- eliminated this section of the training test.
A. has                                                 
B. have                                      
C. are                                             
D. is
20.   The quality of these recordings -------------- not very good.
A. is                                                    
B. are                                         
C. have                                          
D. were
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