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 (Diemchuantuyensinh.comVOCABULARY: Word form and word meaning

I. Word form and word meaning:
1. Nouns: Danh từ thường đứng ở các vị trí sau:
a. Chủ ngữ của câu ( S )
b. Sau tính từ hoặc tính từ sở hữu ( adj + N, her/ his/ my/ their/ s ……… + N )
c. Sau mạo từ: a/ an/ the ( a/ an/ the + adj + noun )
d. Sau giới từ: ( of, in, on, from, to, about, with...) hoặc từ chỉ số lượng ( a few/ little, some, any, much, most…

2. Adjectives: Tính từ thường đứng ở các vị trí sau:
a. Trước danh từ, bổ nghiã cho danh từ
b. Sau động từ “ to be” hoặc động từ “ linking verbs" ( get, seem, keep, make, become, feel ………. )
c. Sau các cấu trúc: so…. that, enough…, too…. to, dạng so sánh ( more, most, less, as.. as. )
3. Adverbs: Trạng từ thường đứng ở các vị trí sau:
a. Trước hoặc động từ thường: ( S - V …. + adv hoặc S + adv + V …. )
b. Trước tính từ: ( be, seem … + adv + adj … )
c. Đầu câu ( sau dấu phẩy ) hoặc cuối câu.
 Exercise: Choose the best answer:
1. He is unhappy because of his --------------.
A. deaf B. deafen C. deafness                             D. deafened
2. This country has -------------- climate.
A. continent      B. continental C. continence                    D. continentally
3. She has a -------------- for pink. 
A. prefer B. preferential C. preferentially                    D. preference
4. Computers are -------------- used in schools and universities.
A. widely B. wide C. widen D. width
5. I sometimes do not feel -------------- when I am at a party.
A. comfort B. comfortable C. comforted                        D. comfortably
6. English is the language of --------------.
A. communicative B. communication C. communicate           D. communicatively 
7. I have to do this job because I have no --------------.
A. choose B. choice C. choosing                                 D. chosen
8. He is not very -------------- of criticism.
A. tolerable B. tolerated C. tolerant                             D. tolerating
9. English is used by pilots to ask for landing -------------- in Cairo.
A. instruct B. instructors C. instructions                       D. instructive
10. He did some odd jobs at home --------------.
A. disappointment B. disappoint C. disappointed               D. disappointedly
11. Dont be afraid. This snake is --------------.
A. harm B. harmful C. harmless                           D. unharmed
12. During his --------------, his family lived in the United State.
A. child B. childhood C. childish                               D. childlike
13. Jack London wrote several -------------- novels on adventure.
A. interest B. interestedly C. interesting                         D. interested
14. He failed the final exam because he didnt make any -------------- for it.
A. prepare B. preparation C. preparing                             D. prepared
15. The custom was said to be a matter of --------------.
A. convenient B. convenience C. conveniently                        D. convene
16. She is -------------- in her book.
A. absorbed B. absorbent C. absorptive                            D. absorb
17. As she is so -------------- with her present job, she has decided to leave.
A. satisfy B. satisfied C. satisfying                         D. unsatisfied

18. Although her visit wasnt --------------, we made her welcome just the same.
A. expect B. expected C. expectation                      D. expecting
19. He plays the piano -------------- well.
A. tolerate   B. tolerable C. tolerably                            D. tolerance
20. Prices continue to show an upward --------------.
A. tendency B. tend C. tended                                   D. tending
21. They will -------------- this road because its -------------- is too narrow.
A. widen/ widely B. wide/ width C. widen/ width                 D. width/ widely
22. They did everything possible to -------------- the police force.
A. strengthen B. strengthening C. strength D. strong
23. I spent a ( an ) -------------- night because of my toothache. I am very tired now.
A. sleepy B. sleeping C. sleepless D. asleep
24. Your money will be refunded if the goods prove to be -------------- .
A. satisfying B. dissatisfied C. satisfactory                  D. unsatisfactory
25. The -------------- of old buildings should be taken into consideration.
A. preserve B. preservation C. preservative                   D. preserves
26. Our education will help with the -------------- of knowledge for the young.
A. enrichment B. enrich C. rich                                 D. richness
27. Getting such a well – paid job is beyond my --------------.
A. expectation B. expected C. expectant                        D. expecting
28. That is not -------------- true of single parents.
A. necessarily B. necessary C. need                                D. necessity
29. That is silly. What you are seeing is --------------.
A. reasonably B. reason C. reasonable                           D. unreasonable
30. Hunting for meat and burning forest for soil -------------- wildlife.
A. conserve B. protect C. destroy D. reclaim
31. This new kind of generator can generate a current of high --------------.
A. potential B. intensity C. preference D. absorbent
32. The children always get -------------- on long journey.
A. harmless B. restless C. motionless D. speechless
33. Most of the rivers flowing through big cities are -------------- with chemical waste factories.
A. polluted B. eroded C. mixed D. flooded
34. It is necessary for the host to make his guests feel comfortable and --------------.
A. relaxed B. relaxation C. relaxing D. relax
35. A laser beams -------------- is strong enough to kill cancer cells.
A. intention B. intensity C. intend D. intensive

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