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(Diemchuantuyensinh.comVOCABULARY: Prepositions and Phrasal verbs:
1. Giới từ sau tính từ (SGK- trang 71)
2. Cụm từ: Verb + Noun phrase + Preposition (SGK- trang 88)
3. Giơi từ theo sau GO: (SGK- trang  131)
4. Giới từ đi với thời gian:

 AT: dùng để chỉ thời điểm ( at 5 oclock/ at midnight/ at noon/ at night/ at lunch time/ at Christmas/ at the weekend … )
 ON: dùng chỉ ngày, ngày tháng, ngày tháng năm… (on Monday/ on Sunday morning/
on 16 Friday/ on 30 April, 2008/ on my birthday… )
 IN:  dùng để chỉ tháng, năm, mùa, buổi … (in September/ in 2008/ in the morning/ in the summer…
5. Giới từ theo sau động từ:
apologize to sb for sth / V - ng apply/ask for (a job) belong to
wait for differ from smile/ laugh at
introduce to sb suffer from give up
arrive at/ in look at/ up/ for/ after/ forward to consist of
put on/ off concern with/ about stand for
run out of infer from account for
succeed in date back to prevent sb from V- ing be used up protect sb/sth from be up to
provide/ supply sb with be involved in depend/ rely on
be keen on insist on take off
 Exercise: Choose the best answer:
1. Attending all the lectures is important -------------- us.
A. for B. to C. at D. on
2. Smoking is -------------- to your health.
A. good B. serious C. accustomed                          D. harmful
3. I am sorry -------------- the noise last night. We were having a party.
A. in B. at C. about D. with
4. I am sure you are capable -------------- guiding the tourists.
A. of B. on C. for D. about
5. Its very kind -------------- him to do it for us.
A. about B. of C. to D. with
6. He is very keen -------------- English, but he is not good -------------- listening.
A. at/ on B. on/ at C. at/ at D. to/ of
7. Your hairstyle is quite similar -------------- me.
A. of B. to C. from D. with
8. Hurry up or you will be late -------------- school.
A. on B. in C. to D. for
9. What he said was contrary -------------- common sense.
A. for B. about C. of D. to
10. I dont think he was present -------------- the meeting yesterday.
A. about B. in C. at D. on
11. Are you serious -------------- learning to be an architect?
A. for B. about C. with D. at
12. She has become very famous  -------------- her novels.
A. for B. about C. on D. in
13. What is the difference -------------- a boat and a ship?
A. between B. from C. under D. with
14. We are all bored -------------- this game.
A. about B. at C. for D. with
15. The cameras prevent motorists -------------- speed.
A. by B. from C. for D with
16. A great number of people are involved -------------- the use of English.
A. in B. on C. at D. to
17. English is used -------------- an access to world scholarship and world trade.
A. to B. for C. like D. as
18. There were a power failure and all the lights went --------------.
A. up B. out C. after D. along

19. The police went -------------- the burglars.
A. after B. over C. down D. up
20. We are going -------------- a few days for the holidays.
A. away B. up C. on D. out
21. The dog wants to go -------------- towards the fire.
A. away B. back C. after D. along
22. The prize of petrol is going -------------- because the cost of the exploitation is too high.
A. down B. up C. along D. on
23. Go -------------- your work carefully before you hand it in.
A. over B. up C. back D. into
24. As time goes -------------- my memory seems to get worse.
A.  down B. by C. out D. away
25. You should try to study hard to -------------- your classmates.
A. make fun of B. keep pace with C. lose track of              D. pay attention to
26. The man whom you -------------- on the bus yesterday is my father.
A. took notice of B. made fuss over C. put a stop to               D. made room for
27. He was very angry because they -------------- him.
A. took account of B. set fire to C. made fun of                 D. lost touch with
28. The teacher made allowance -------------- his marks because his father was in hospital.
A. up B. for C. to D. of
29. Write your name -------------- the top of the page.
A. in B. at C. to D. with
30. Mozart was born in Salzburg -------------- 1756.
A. at B. on C. in D. from
31. -------------- Saturday night I went to bed -------------- 11 oclock.
A. At/ on B. In/ at C. On/ at D. At/ to
32. These days everybody is aware -------------- the dangers of smoking.
A. up b. of C. to D. with
33. Many young people want to be independent -------------- their parents nowadays.
A. on B. up C. from D. of
34. Why are two schools so -------------- from each other.
A. similar B. same C. different D. afraid
35. The child is very -------------- at arithmetic.
A. quick B. prefect C. sad D. rich
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