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(Diemchuantuyensinh.comVOCABULARY: Expression of quantity:
1.  SOME: Dùng trong câu khẳng định, lời mời, lời đề nghị, trước danh từ đếm được và không đếm được.
2.  ANY: Dùng trong câu phủ định hoặc nghi vấn.

With countable nouns
With uncountable nouns
a large / great number of
plenty of
a lot of / lots of
few / a few
a large amount of / a great deal of
plenty of
a lot of / lots of
little / a little
 Notes:  few – little: ( ít, không nhiều ), thường mang nghĩa phủ định và chỉ một số lượng rất ít.
        a few – a little: ( một vài, một ít ), thường mang nghĩa khẳng định và chỉ một số lượng nhỏ                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Eg: A large number of students have part time jobs nowadays.
  A large number of và A great deal of được dùng trong câu khẳng định.
          Much/ Many được dùng trong câu phủ định và nghi vấn, câu khẳng định có so, such, too, as..
          Only a few =  few, Only a little = little

4.  ALL – MOST – SOME – NO……….
© all , most, some, no + ( adjective ) + plural noun / uncountable noun
© all of, most of, some of, none of +  determiners ( a, an, the, my, his, this, that…… ) + noun
                                                                                              +   pronouns ( them , us……. ) 
                                                    Eg: Most of her friends live abroad.
                                                          All children are fond of candy.
­ Exercise: Choose the best answer:
1.        When we were on holiday, we spend too -------------- money.
A. a lot of                                    B. many                                                  C. much                                              D. lots of
2.        We couldn’t buy anything because -------------- of the shops were open.
A. all                                           B. half                                                     C. most                                               D. none
3.        I think that -------------- lemon juice on fish makes it taste better.

A. few                                         B. a few                                                  C. little                                                D. a little
4.        -------------- don’t visit this part of the town.
A. The most tourists                   B. Most of tourists                                  C. Most tourists                D. Most the tourists
5.        -------------- has left a bicycle outside.
A. Anyone                                  B. Anything                                            C. Someone                           D. Something
6.        -------------- cups of coffee have you taken?
A. How many                             B. How much                                         C. How                                          D. How far
7.        There’s -------------- use in complaining. They probably won’t do anything about it.
A. a few                                      B. a little                                                 C. few                                                 D. little
8.        It is boring here. -------------- ever happens in this place.
A. Anything                                B. Something                                          C. Things                                        D. Nothing
9.        I spend -------------- my spare time gardening.
A. most                                       B. the most of                                         C. most of                                    D. most of the
10.     The village is very small. There are -------------- houses.
A. a few                                      B. only a few                                          C. some                                    D. only a little
11.     All the guests were dancing. -------------- having the good time.
A. All were                                 B. Every was                                          C. Everyone was                 D. Someone were
12.     We tried a lot of hotel but -------------- of them had any rooms.
A. some                                      B. most                                                   C. any                                                 D. none
13.     Bill is very lazy. He never does -------------- work.
A. some                                      B. any                                                     C. no                                                   D. few
14.     Mason owns a chain of supermarket. He’s made -------------- money.
A. a lot of                                    B. many                                                  C. much                           D. a great number of
15.     He can speak -------------- English, so it is not difficult to communicate with him.
A. little                                        B. a little                                                 C. few                                                 D. a few
16.     Her employer gave her a good recommendation because she makes -------------- mistakes in her work.
A. a few                                      B. little                                                    C. very few                                         D. some
17.     I don’t want to buy any of these books. I have got --------------.
A. all                                           B. all them                                              C. everything                                  D. them all
18.     The shop is very quiet. There are -------------- customers have come in.
A. a few                                      B. a little                                                 C. only a few                             D. only a little
19.     -------------- paintings have been sold.
A. A large number of                 B. a great deal of                                    C. much of                                     D. many of
20.     The tickets cost --------------, so we can’t afford them.
A. too much                                B. too many                                            C. so much                                   D. so many
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