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(Diemchuantuyensinh.comPRONUNCIATION- Stress: Ôn thi THPT QG môn Tiếng Anh
1. Dấu nhấn trong từ có 2 âm tiết thường nằm ở: + vần thứ 2 đối với động từ.
+ vần thứ 1 đối với danh từ hoặc tính từ.
 Notes: Đối với những từ tận cùng là đuôi: en, er, on ……….. và một số từ không nằm trong quy luật này nên cách phát âm những từ này phải dựa vào từ điển để phát âm cho chính xác.
2. Dấu nhấn trong từ có hơn 2 âm tiết thường được phát âm dựa trên những quy luật sau:
a. Dấu nhấn thường nằm ở vần trước ion, ial, ical, ity, itive, itant, ic, ous, ual .. : mathematical, magic ..
b. Đối với những từ tận cùng là: fy, ate, ize…. Dấu nhấn sẽ nằm ở vần thứ 3 đếm từ dưới lên : delicate …
c. Dấu nhấn thường nằm ở chính những vần oon, ese, ee, oo ……. : bamboo, afternoon …………
d. Danh từ  kép có dấu nhấn nằm ở danh từ đứng trước : bookshop, welfare ………..

A.    Choose the word that the stress is on the first syllable:
1.     A. company                                   B. protect                                           C. situation                            D. possession
2.     A. volcanic                                    B. welfare                                          C. retain                                D. organic
3.     A. legal                                          B. convention                                   C. cosmetic                           D. absorb
4.     A. discover                                    B. scientific                                        C. horrible                              D. develop
5.     A. American                                  B. intelligent                                      C. impossible                        D. comfortable
6.     A. forbid                                         B. fearsome                                      C. inject                                  D. involve
7.     A. discard                                      B. disposal                                        C. especially                            D. element
8.     A. investigate                                B. irrigate                                           C. intensity                           D. nonsmoker
9.     A. alone                                         B. customer                                       C. conceal                              D. conflict
10.   A. apprentice                                B. attendance                                   C. basic                                       D. caress
B.    Choose the word that the stress is on the second syllable 
1.     A. sulphur                                      B. sulphuric                                       C. undergrowth                      D. tissue
2.     A. solidify                                       B. section                                          C. scalpel                               D. process
3.     A. independent                            B. whether                                         C. open                                   D. together
4.     A. sugar                                         B. double                                           C. enough                               D. argue
5.     A. special                                      B. medicine                                       C. language                           D. experience
6.     A. gallery                                       B. everyone                                      C. reservation                         D. guitarist
7.     A. police                                        B. government                                  C. modern                             D. consequent
8.     A. safeguarding                           B. resources                                     C. sanguine                            D. property
9.     A. part – time                                B. obstacle                                        C. mineral                            D. outnumber
10.   A. element                                     B. erosion                                          C. gesture                              D. foreign         
C.    Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others in each goup:
1.     A. private                                       B. property                                        C. approach                                D. foreign
2.     A. outnumber                                B. continent                                       C. scholarship                          D. illustrate
3.     A. nation                                        B. possess                                        C. themselves                           D. provide
4.     A. different                                     B. instruction                                     C. anything                                D. singular
5.     A. meaning                                   B. business                                       C. recognize                          D. prediction   
6.     A. example                                    B. following                                       C. homonym                             D. difficulty
7.     A. understand                               B. overcome                                     C. disappoint                         D. apparent
8.     A. maintain                                    B. reclaim                                          C. enjoy                                     D. concert
9.     A. suggestion                               B. cigarette                                        C. environment                       D. protection
10.   A. necessary                                 B. continue                                        C. irrigate                                 D. different
11.   A. against                                      B. believe                                          C. drainage                                  D. enrich
12.   A. element                                     B. fertilizer                                         C. quantity                                D. erosion
13.   A. American                                  B. represent                                      C. discover                              D. adventure
14.   A. experience                               B. communicate                               C. frightening                            D. inherit
15.   A. disappoint                                B. ancestry                                        C. comfortable                          D. heavily
16.   A. repeat                                        B. between                                        C. caress                                  D. welfare
17.   A. military                                      B. committee                                     C. intimacy                                 D. surgery
18.   A. before                                        B. arrive                                             C. imply                                   D. countless
19.   A. incredible                                 B. humidity                                        C. necessity                             D. definition
20.   A. begin                                         B. mountain                                      C. kingdom                               D. passage
21.   A. dinosaur                                   B. calendar                                       C. eternal                               D. history
22.   A. document                                 B. develop                                         C. opponent                          D. astonish
23.   A. definition                                   B. production                                    C. situation                             D. politician
24.   A. photography                            B. qualification                                 C. occasion                            D. Canadian
25.   A. ancient                                      B. edible                                            C. visual                                   D. delicious
26.   A. personal                                   B. entry                                              C. personnel                            D. sample
27.   A. accordance                              B. understand                                   C. acupuncture                      D. incomplete
28.   A. appropriate                              B. emotion                                         C. pronounce                            D. situation
29.   A. cultivate                                    B. machine                                        C. terminate                              D. operate
30.   A. prediction                                 B. judgment                                      C. intelligent                        D. compulsion

31.   A. unlucky                                     B. displeased                                   C. courage                             D. encourage
32.   A. combination                             B. illustration                                     C. comprehension                         D. origin
33.   A. follow                                         B. apology                                         C. experience                            D. direct
34.   A. explain                                      B. obtain                                            C. promise                               D. suspect
35.   A. national                                     B. complain                                       C. alone                                        D. accept
36.   A. community                                B. peninsula                                     C. participant                     D. concentration
37.   A. accuracy                                   B. individual                                      C. recreation                     D. independence
38.   A. accident                                    B. direction                                        C. factory                            D. hospital
39.   A. beginner                                   B. encounter                                     C. disappear                        D. remember
40.   A. ambulance                               B. another                                         C. government                    D. institute

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