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1.       All bottles _________ before transportation.         A. frozen         B. is frozen      C. was frozen   D. were frozen
2.       Everything that _________ remained a secret.
         A. had be overheard          B. had been overheard          C. had been overheared        D. would had been overheard
3.       Everything ___________. A. were forbidden       B. is forbidden           C. is forbidded             D. are forbidden
4.       Everything___________________________.
         A. are going to be forgotten                                              B. is going to be forgotten    C. is going to be forgot          D. were going to be forgotten
5.       I___________________________.          A. have not given the money   B. have not been given the money
         C. have not been give the money                                       D. have not be given the money
6.       It _______ for years.         A. has not be known   B. had not been known          C. had not be known   D. have not been known
7.       It _________ that learning English is easy.           A. are said       B. said             C. is said         D. is sayed
8.       John and Ann___________________________.
         A. were not mislead           B. were not misleeded             C. was not misled                 D. were not misled
9.       Our horses ________.       A. are well feeded       B. are well fed            C. is well fed    D. is well feeded
10.     Peter and Tom _________ in an accident yesterday.
         A. is hurt                           B. is hurted                              C. were hurt                        D. were hurted
11.     South Florida and HawaiI _________ by a hurricane.
         A. is hit                              B. have been hit                      C. have are hit                       D. has been hit
12.     The battles _________ for liberation .
         A. had be fought               B. had been fighted                 C. had been fought             D. has been fought
13.     We can’t go along here because the road........................
         A. is repairing                    B. is repaired                           C. is being repaired            D. repairs
14.     The story I’ve just read_________ Agatha Christie.
         A. was written                   B. was written by                   C. was written from              D. wrote by
15.     I’m going to go out and_________
         A. have cut my hair           B. have my hair cut                 C. cut my hair                       D. my hair be cut
16.     Something funny_________ in class yesterday.
         A. happened                      B. was happened                   C. happens                            D. is happened
17.     Many US automobiles_________ in Detroit, Michigan
         A. manufacture                  B. have manufactured              C. are manufactured           D. are manufacturing
18.     A lot of pesticide residue can_________ unwashed produce.
         A. find                               B. found                                  C. be finding                         D. be found
19.     We_________ by a loud noise during the night.
         A. woke up                        B. are woken up                      C. were woken up               D. were waking up
20.     Some film stars_________ difficult to work with.
         A. are said be                    B. are said to be                      C. say to be                           D. said to be
21.     Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? – I don’t enjoy_________ at.
         A. be laughed                    B. to be laughed                      C. laughing                           D. being laughed
22.     Today, many serious childhood diseases_________ by early immunization.[ s min dch]
         A. are preventing               B. can prevent                          C. prevent                             D. can be prevented
23.     Do you get your heating_________ every year?
         A. checking                       B. check                                  C. be checked                       D. checked
24.     Bicycles_________ in the driveway.
         A. must not leave               B. must not be leaving             C. must not be left               D. must not have left
25.     Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony_________ next weekend.[ Symphony: khúc giao hưởng]
            A. is going to be performed    B. has been performed                        C. will be performing                      D. will have perform
26.     All bottles_________ before transportation.
         A. frozen                           B. were froze                           C. were frozen                     D. are froze
27.     ___________________________.yet?    A. Have the letters been typed           B. Have been the letters typed
         C. Have the letters typed                                                    D. Had the letters typed
28.     English has become a second language in countries like India, Nigeria or Singapore where `_________ for administration, broadcasting and education.
         A. is used                          B. it is used                             C. used                                 D. being used
29.     The telephones_________ by Alexander Graham Bell.
         A. is invented                    B. is inventing                          C. invented                           D. was invented
30.     Lots of houses_________ by the earthquake.
         A. are destroying               B. destroyed                            C. were destroyed               D. is destroyed
31.     Gold_________ in California in the 19th century.
         A. was discovered            B. has been discovered            C. was discover                     D. they discover
32.     The preparation_________ by the time the guest_________
         A. had been finished- arrived                                           B. have finished- arrived
         C. had finished-were arriving                                             D. have been finished- were arrived
33.     The boy_________ by the teacher yesterday.
         A. punish                           B. punished                             C. punishing                         D. was punished
34.     “Ms Jones, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already ______, sir. They’re on your desk.”
         A. typed                            B. been being typed                 C. being typed                      D. been typed
35.     Sarah is wearing a blouse. It___________ of cotton.
         A. be made                        B. are made                             C. is made                           D. made
36.     They had a boy _________ that yesterday.          A. done           B. to do            C. did   D. do
37.     We got our mail _________ yesterday.    A. been delivered        B. delivered    C. delivering    D. to deliver
38.     James……..the news as soon as possible.
         A. should tell                     B. should be told                    C. should told                       D. should be telled
39.     My wedding ring _________ yellow and white gold.
         A. is made                        B. is making                            C. made                                D. make
40.     Mr. Wilson is _________ as Willie to his friend.  A. known       B. knew           C. is known     D. know
41.     References _________ in the examination room. A. not are used            B. is not used   C. didn’t used  D. are not used
42.   Laura _________ in Boston.         A. are born      B. were born    C. was born    D. born
43.     His car needs _________
         A. be fixed                        B. fixing                                  C. to be fixing                       D. fixed
44.     Her watch needs _________.       A. repairing     B. to be repaired          C. repaired       D. A and B
45.     My mother is going _________ this house.          A. sold B. sell  C. to be sold    D. to sell
46.   There’s somebody behind us. I think we are _________.
         A. being followed             B. are followed                        C. follow                               D. following
47.   Have you _________ by a dog?    A. bite B. bit    C. ever been bitten      D. ever been bit
48.     The room is being _________ at the moment.      A. was cleaned            B. cleaned       C. cleaning      D. clean
49.     It _________ that the strike will end soon.
         A. is expected                   B. expected                              C. are expected                     D. was expected
50.     It is _________ that many people are homeless after the floods.
         A. was reported                 B. reports                                 C. reported                         D. reporting
51.     He was said _________ this building.      A. designing    B. to have designed    C. to design     D. designed
52.     Ted _________ by a bee while he was sitting in the garden.
         A. got sting                        B. got stung                             C. get stung                          D. gets stung
53.     These tennis courts don’t _________ very often. Not many people want to play.
         A. got used                        B. used                                    C. get used                           D. get use
54.     I’ll get Minh _________ this for you.       A. do   B. done            C. did   D. to do
55.     Those letters _________ now. You can do the typing later.
         A. need typing                   B. needn't be typed                C. need to type                     D. needn't typing
56.     “What a beautiful dress you are wearing”- “thanks, it_________ especially for me by a French tailor.”
         A. is made                         B. has made                             C. made                                D. was made
57.     Somebody cleans the room every day.
         A. The room everyday is cleaned.                                     B. The room is every day cleaned.
         C. The room is cleaned every day.                                   D. The room is cleaned by somebody every day.
58.     People don’t use this road very often.
         A. This road is not used very often.                                 B. Not very often this road is not used.
         C. This road very often is not used.                                   D. This road not very often is used.
59.     How do people learn languages?
         A. How are languages learned?                                       B. How are languages learned by people?
         C. How languages are learned?                                         D. Languages are learned how?
60.     Over 1500 new houses _________ each year. Last year, 1720 new houses _________.
         A. were built/ were built    B. are built/ were built           C. are building / were built   D. were built/ were being built
61.     Tom bought that book yesterday.
         A. That book was bought by Tom yesterday.                 B. That book was bought yesterday by Tom.
         C. That book yesterday was bought by Tom                     D. That book was bought yesterday.
62.     The new computer system _________ next month.         

            A. is be installed                           B. is being installed  C. is been installed      D. is being installed by people
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