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Bài tập Ôn thi Tiếng Anh: CHUYÊN ĐỀ 6: CÂU GIÁN TIẾP  (REPORTED SPEECH): BÀI TẬP VẬN DỤNG-A. Choose the correct answer among A , B C or D.
Liên quan:

1. “I wish..............eat vegetables”, he said.
A. my children will  B. my children would   C. whether my children would    D. my children must
2.  He wants to know whether I_____________ back tomorrow.
A. come                       B. came                       C. will come               D. would come
3.  I wonder why he______________ love his family.
A. doesn’t       B. don’t                       C. didn’t                      D. hasn’t
4.  He begged them --------------.
A. help him                 B. should help him  C. to help him    D. help to him
5.  Peter asked Jane why -------------- the film on T.V the previous night.
A. didn’t she watch    B. hadn’t she watched    C. she doesn’t watch      D. she hadn’t watched
6.  He advised them -------------- in class.
A. to not talk  B. not to talk              C. to talk not    D. don’t talk
7.  Some one was wondering if the taxi -------------- yet.
A. had arrived           B. arrived                    C. arrives                     D. has arrived
8.  The government has announced that taxes --------------.
A. would be raised      B. had been raised     C. were raised             D. will be raised
9.  He proved that the earth -------------- round the Sun.
A. had gone    B. was going  C. goes                        D. would go
10.  Claire wanted to know what time --------------.
A. do the banks close     B. the banks closed  C. did the banks close    D. the banks would close
11. Julia said that she ___________ there at noon. 
      A. is going to be                B. was going to be                 C. will be                                 D. can be
12. He _______ that he was leaving that afternoon.
      A. told me                         B. told to me                            C. said me                               D. says to me
13. She said to me that she __________ to me the Sunday before.
      A. wrote                            B. had written                        C. was writing                         D. has written
14. Nam wanted to know what time ________.
      A. does the movie begin    B. did the movie begin            C. the movie begins                 D. the movie began
15. He asked me _______ Robert and I said I did not know _______.
A. that did I know / who were he                                      B. that I knew / who he had been
C. if I knew/ who he was                                                                                                D. whether I knew / who had he been
16. I asked Martha ______ to enter law school.
      A. was she planning          B. is she planning                    C. if she was planning           D. are you planning
17. I wondered_______ the right thing.
      A. whether I was doing   B. if I am doing                       C. was I doing                         D. am I doing
18. Thu said she had been___________ the day before.
      A. here                              B. there                                   C. in this place                         D. where
19. Peter said that if he ________rich, he _________ a lot.
      A. is – will travel               B. were- would travel            C. was – will travel                 C. been–would  travel
20. They said that they had been driving through the desert__________.
      A. the previous day         B. yesterday                            C. the last day                          D. Sunday previously
21. He asked the children _________too much noise.
      A. not to make                 B. not making                          C. don’t make                          D. if they don’t make
22. Laura said she had worked on the assignment since _______.
A. yesterday                      B. two days ago                      C. the day before                   D. the next day
23. Mr Hawk told me that he would give me his answer the………..day
      A. previous                        B. following                            C. before                                 D. last
24. John said he _________ her since they ________ school.
      A. hasn’t met–left              B. hadn’t met-had left           C. hadn’t met/ left                    D. didn’tmeet – left
25. The woman asked __________get lunch at school.
      A. can the children            B. whether the children could C. if the children can            D. could the children
26. She said that when she_________ to school, she saw an accident.
      A. was walking                 B. has walked                          C. had been walking             D. has been walking
27. He asked, “Why didn’t she take the final exam?” - He asked why __________ the final exam.
      A. she took                        B. did she take                         C. she hadn’t taken               D. she had taken             
28. Peter said he__________ some good marks the semester before.
      A. gets                               B. got                                      C. had gotten                         D. have got
29. They told their parents that they___________ their best to do the test.
      A. try                                 B. will try                                C. are trying                            D. would try
30. Mary asked me where I___________ from.
       A. came                           B. coming                                C. to come                               D. come
31. She asked me _______ my holidays _______.
A. where I spent / the previous year                                  B. where I had spent/ the previous year     
C. where I spent / last year                                                D. where did I spend / last year
32. He asked me who____________ the editor of that book.  
      A. was                               B. were                                    C. is                                         D. has been
33. Jason told me that he _______ his best in the exam the _______ day.
A. had done/ following     B. will do/previous                  C. would do/ following          D. was going/ previous
34. The guest told the host that _______.

A. I must go now              B. he must go now                  C. he had to go now                D. he had to go then

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