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Ôn thi Tiếng Anh: CHUYÊN ĐỀ  CÂU GIẢ ĐỊNH (SUBJUNCTIVE):   Exercise 6: Choose the correct answer

Exercise 6: Choose the correct answer
1. I ______watch the football game than basketball game
            A. like                         B. would rather           C. prefer                                  D. would like
2. Jane would rather that it ______ winter now.
         A. were                          B. be                            C. is                                         D. had been
3. Would you rather ______ in ink or in pencil?
A. write                       B. writing                    C. to write                               D. wrote
4. I would rather that you ______ me tomorrow.
            A. call                          B. to call                      C. calling                                 D. will call      
5. Henry would rather that his girlfriend ______in the same department as he does.
            A. work                       B. to work                   C. working                              D. worked
6. It’s time you _________the house.
         A. paint                          B. painted                    C. painting                               D. paints
7. Bob would rather that Jill ______ to class yesterday.
            A. go                           B. went                        C. had gone                             D. have gone
8. It’s time we all .........................now.
         A. had gone                    B. go                           C. should go                            D. went
9. John would rather ________ than worked last night.
            A. slept                        B. was sleeping           C. have slept                            D. had slept
10. It’s time __________a car.

         A. go                              B. buy                         C. to buy                                 D. buying
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