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Exercise 4: Choose the best answer:

1. I'm not very fit. I wish ______
A. I would be fitter      B. I were fitter    C. I was fitter     D. I am fitter
2. It's very hot.
A. I wish it were cooler.                               C. A. I wish it were hotter.                               
B. I wish it was rain tomorrow.                    D. If only it had rained.
3.  He likes to swim.
->He wishes he ……………… near the sea. 
A. liked                      B. living                          C. lives               D. to live
4. She wishes she ………………. blue eyes. 
A.has                            B. had                             C. had had              D. would have
5. If only I ___ him now.
      A. see                                B. saw                                     C. have seen                            D. seen
6. I wish it ___ a holiday today.
      A. were                             B. will be                                 C. is                                         D. had been
7. . What a pity I didn’t meet you yesterday.
      A. If only I met you yesterday.                                          B. If only I meet you yesterday.
      C. If only I had met you yesterday.                                   D. If only I hadn’t met you yesterday.
8. . Susan regretted not buying that villa.
A. Susan wished she had bought that villa.    B. Susan wished she bought that villa.
C. Susan wished she could buy that villa.      D. Susan wished she hadn’t bought that villa.
9.  It’s a pity that you didn’t tell us about this.
      A. I wish you told us about this.                                        B. I wish you would tell us about this.
      C. I wish you had told us about this.                                 D. I wish you have told us about this.
10. He wishes he …………… buy a new car. 
      A. can                                B. will          C. could              D. would
11. Those children are really noisy.
A. I wish they were quieter                          B. I wish they would be quiet      
C. If only they were quieter                          D. Both A and C are correct
12.  She misses him. She wishes he ……………. her a letter. 
A. would send                         B. will send           C. has sent         D. would have sent
13. I wish I …….................... help you. 
A. would                                 B. can               C. could                      D. will
 14.  She wishes she ……………………. him yesterday.
A. would meet                         B. meets               C. met                     D. had met
15.  Yesterday, John told me that he wishes he ________ harder in high school because then university might not be so difficult for him.
A. studied                         B. would study                 C. had studied                  D. studies
16. If only my motorbike………………broken down again, I would have arrived on time
A.would                         B. hadn’t                 C. didn’t                  D. wasn’t
17. I wish I _________ in prison, but I am 
A. wasn't                        B. am not                    C. weren't                                   D. were
18. I wish you…………….make that noise, it’s annoying!
A. don't                           B. wouldn't                     C. would                D. couldn't
19. I wish I…………………………….to the movies with you last night.
 A. went                           B. did go                     C. could go                 D. could have gone
20. . I hate Canadian winters. I wish I ______ in Hawai right now.
A. was                               B. am                     C. will be                  D. were

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