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Exercise 1:  Ôn thi Tiếng Anh: CHUYÊN ĐỀ  CÂU GIẢ ĐỊNH (SUBJUNCTIVE)  

Exercise 2: Choose the best answer.
1.   Had you told me that this was going to happen, I _______ it.
     A. would never have believed                    B. don’t believe
     C. hadn’t believed                                       D. can’t believe
2. Put all the toys away……….. someone slips and falls on them.
A. provided that                    B. unless                        C. in case                     D. so long as
3. Many argue that the world will never make the switch to cleaner forms of energy………… easily obtainable soil sources remain.
A. suppose that                        B. providing that         C. unless             long as
4. ………… to be offered that job, would you have to move to another city?
A. should                               B.  Were                        C. had              D. Provided that
5. You will find their house __________ you take a good street map with you.
      A. as long as                   B. even if                        C. if only                        D. otherwise:
6. You’d better stop spending money, _______ you will end up in debt
      A. unless                        B. otherwise                   C. if                                D. in case
7. Henry__________ a rich man today if he had been more careful in the past.
      A. will have been           B. will be                        C. would have been       D. would be
8._________ you visit him, give him my best wishes.
      A. Could                        B. Would                        C. Should                       D. Might
9. Were she ten years younger, she ______________ the beauty contest.
A. will enter           B. had entered                 C. would enter  D. would have entered
10. If it………..their encouragement, he could have given it up.
A. had been for          B. hadn’t been           C. hadn’t been for          D. wouldn’t have been for
11. _________ any employee be ill, they must call the office to inform their head of departure.
A. Were                           B. Should                            C. Had                                     D. If
12. If Lucy’s car ___________ down, she would be here right now.
A. didn’t break                B. hadn’t broken     C. wouldn’t have been           D. doesn’t break
13. Harry would certainly have attended the proceedings _________ .
A. if he didn’t get a flat tyre                                  B. had he not had a flat tyre
C. had the tyre not flattened itself                         D. if the flat tyre didn’t happen
14.   If I _____ my wallet at home this morning, I _____ money for lunch now.
A. leave / will have                                               B. didn’t leave / would have
C. hadn’t left / would have                                    D. hadn’t left / would have had
15.   I………you sooner had someone told me you were in the hospital.
   A-would have visited       B-visited                 C-had visited               D-visit
16.   ………then what I know today,I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble over the years.
     A-had I known                          B-did I know           C-If I know                D- If I would know
17.   If someone ……in to the store,smile and say, “May I help you?”
    A-comes                                   B-came                                  C-would come             D-could come
18.      Trees won’t grow ……….. there is enough water.

        A. if                              B. when                                   C. unless D. as

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