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Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order to make the sentence correct.

36. Neither  his parents nor  his teacher are  satisfied with  his result when he was at high school.
37. Daisy was the only one of those girls that get the scholarship.
38. Working provide people with personal satisfaction as well as money.
39. Either the doctor or the nurses takes care of changing the patients’
40. Every student who majors in English are ready to participate in the
oratorical contest.
41. One hundreds eight thousand miles is the speed of light.
42. The guest of honour, along with his wife and children, were sitting at the first table when we had a party yesterday.                        
43. The audience was enjoying every minute of the performance.
44. All the books on the top shelf belongs to me.
45. Five thousand pounds were stolen from the bank.
46. Happiness and success depends on yourself.
47. The loss of her husband and two of her sons were too much for her.
48. David and his brother was indicted yesterday on charges of grand theft.
49. Current research on AIDS, in spite of the best efforts of hundreds of scientists, leave serious questions unanswered.
50. Everyone have to plan a program that fits into the day’s schedule and that allows for good exercise and appropriate rest.

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