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Choose the best answers to the following questions.

1. The Vietnamese people ----------- a heroic people.
      A. is           B. are               C. was             D. were
2. Miss White------------ her parents is going to pay a visit to the Great Wall.
      A. and       B both             C. as well as    D. or
3. The Vietnamese ----------hard-working and brave.
      A. is           B. are               C. be                D. being
4. A good deal of money ------------- spent on the books.
      A. have      B. has              C. have been   D. has been
5. The manager or his secretary ------------ to give you an interview.
      A. is           B. are               C. were            D. have
6. Mary is one of the girls who-------------often late for school.
      A. is           B. are               C. comes         D. get
7. Two hours -------------- not long enough for this rest.
      A. have      B. has              C. is                 D. are
8. Ninety percent of the work -------------- been done.
      A. is           B. are               C. has              D. have
9. Those who ----------------- to go with me, please raise your hand.
      A. want     B. wants          C. wanting       D. are wanting
10. Salt and water ------------ to wash the wound
      A. is used  B. are used      C. was used     D. were used
11. The news ------------- bad last night.
      A. were     B. was             C. has              D. has been
12. Three-fifths of the police-------------in the school near the town.
      A. has trained                    B. have trained            C. has been trained      D. have been trained  
13. ------------ not only you but also he going to Japan?
      A. Are       B. Is                 C. Were           D. Was
14. All the books on the shelf ----------------to me.
      A. belong  B. belongs       C. belonging    D. is belonging
15. The trousers you bought for me ------------ me.
      A. don’t fit B. doesn’t fit    C. fits               D. fit not
16. Mumps _________  usually caught by children.
      A. are        B. was             C. is                 D. were
17. The United States _________ between Canada and Mexico.
      A. lying     B. lies              C. lain              D. lie
18. Physics_________ us understand the natural laws.
      A. helps     B. help             C. have helped            D. helped
19. The police _________ the robber.
      A. were arrested                B. has arrested C. have arrested           D. was arresting
20. The cattle __________ in the field.
      A. is grazingB. grazes       C. has grazed   D. are grazing
21. Either you or he ____________ wrong.
      A. are        B. were            C. have been   D. is
22. John as well as Mary __________ very kind.
      A. were     B. are               C. is                 D. have been
23. The doctor with the nurses ___________ exhausted after the operation.
      A. were     B. was             C. have been   D. are being
24. Five miles ___________ not very far.
      A. is           B. are               C. were            D. have been
25. ____________ ten years too long?
      A. Are       B. Is                 C. Are being    D. Were
26. Neither his parents nor his teacher ____________ satisfied with his result.
      A. are beingB. were          C. is                 D. are
27. Each boy and each girl ___________ a book.
      A. are havingB. have had  C. have            D. has
28. Writing a lot of letters ___________ her tired.
      A. makes                           B. make           C. have made              D. are making
29. ___________ everybody ready to start now?
      A. Are being                     B. Is being       C. Is     D. Are
30. None of the butter in the fridge ____________ good.
      A. is being B. is                 C. have been   D. are
31. None of the students ___________ the test yet.
      A. have finished                B. has finished C. finished                   D. is finishing
32. A pair of shoes ____________ under the bed.
      A. have been                     B. are               C. are being                 D. is
33. 200 tons of water ___________ last month.
      A. was used                       B. had been used         C. were used   D. is used
34. In the hotel, the bread and butter _____________ for breakfast.
      A. is served                       B. are served   C. serves          D. serve
35. ___________ were nice to me when I was in England.

      A. The Brown’s                B. Brown’s      C. The Browns            D. Browns
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