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The perfect infinitive: 
Exercise 1: Multiple choice

  1. I enjoy _________ alone.
a. be               b. to be       c. being                         d. to have been
2.      Would you like _______to the party?
a. to come      b. come      c. coming                      d. to have come
3.      Do you mind_______ such a long way to work everyday?
a. to travel      b. travel       c. to have travelled      d. travelling
4.      I don’t like that house. I would hate _______there.
a. live           b. living              c. to live                  d. to have lived
5.      Sometimes I would like_______ to play the piano.
a. to learn    b. learning           c. learn                    d. to have learned
6.      Please remember _______this letter.
a. to post       b. post      c. posting                         d. to have posted
7.      We tried _______the fire out but we were unsuccessful. We had to call the fire­- brigade.
a. putting      b. put        c. to put                           d. to have put
8.      Someone must have taken my bag. I clearly remember_______ it by the window and now it has gone.
a. leave       b. to leave      c. to have left                d. leaving                    
9.      Jane needed some money. She tried _______Harry but he couldn’t help her.
a. to have asked             b .to ask                           c. asking                      d. ask
  1. Please tell me how _______this
a. do           b. to do            c. doing                      d. to have done
11.  One is never too old_______
a. to learn   b. learning          c. learn                      d. to have learned
12.  You are old enough _______out alone.
a. going      b. to go       c. to have gone                d. go
13.  I’m glad _______you
a. to meet         b. meet        c. meeting                  d. to have met
14.  It’s nice _______you
a. to know      b. know        c. knowing                d. to have known
  1. We stopped_______ hello to her.
a. say             b. to say          c. saying                   d. to have said
16.  It’s no use ______ those things.
a. buy           b. buying         c. to buy                   d. to be bought
17. After ______, she invited the audience to ask questions.
a. finish             b. finished             c. finishing       d. to finish
18. Robbins started ______ a few years ago.
a. to jog     b. jogging        c. jog                           d. A and B are correct
19. I suggest ________ some more mathematics puzzles.
a. do          b. to do                        c. doing                       d done
20. My computer needs _______.
a. repair     b. to repair                   c. repairing                  d. repaired
21.  I want ----- at home tonight
a. staying            b. to stay             c. stay                 d. stayed
22.  Alice isn’t interested in ------- for a new job
a. look                b. to look            c. looks               d. looking
23.  We’re going out for dinner. Would you like ----- us?
a. joining            b. to join             c. join                 d. joins
24.  When Beth got tired, she stopped -------
a. working          b. to work           c. work               d. works
25.  Don’t forget ------ the letter I gave you yesterday
a. post                 b. posting            c. posts               d. to post
26.  Her boss refuses ------ her a raise
a. giving             b. to give            c. give                 d. a & b correct
27.  She enjoys ----- with many people
a. work               b. working          c. to work           d. works
28.  Mary was in a difficult situation, so he agreed ------- her some money
a. to lend             b. lend                c. lending            d. a & c correct
29.  They sometimes avoid ------ him
a. meeting           b. meet                c. to meet            d. meets
30.  It was a nice day, so we decided -------- for a walk
a. going              b. go                   c. to go               d. goes
31.  Would you mind -------- the door? Thanks
a. opening           b. open               c. opens              d. to open
      32. The man wanted to avoid ...................... on security cameras.
      a. to see          b. seeing                 c .to be seen       d. being seen
33. I tried ........................... the bus, but I missed it.
a. to catch      b. catching               c. to be caught             d. being caught
34. The plants want ........................... daily.
a. to water      b. watering              c. to be watered           d. both b and c
35. Will you remind me .................... this letter at the post office?
a. to post        b. posting                 c. to be posted             d. being posted
36. The goods ought ....................... two weeks ago.
      a. to deliver            b. delivering    c. to be delivered         d. being delivered
37. I have expected ......................... the secret of happiness.
a. to tell                  b. telling          c. to be told                  d. being told
38. John had agreed ......................... me in his office.
a. to meet               b. meeting        c. to be met                  d. being met
      39. I don’t like _____ when I am not there.
      a. criticizing          b. being criticized         c. to criticize                d. to be criticized
      40. She expected ________ to the principal.
      a. to introduce      b. being introduced       c. to be introduced       d. being introduced
     41. Tom was sad about ________ in class yesterday.
      a. punishing      b. being punished             c.  to be punished        d. punished
     42. You shouldn’t make your son _______ too much.
      a. study      b. studied          c. to study                  d. studying
     43 John had agreed ......................... me in his office.
a. to meet               b. meeting        c. to be met       d. being met
     44. It’s important for the figures ......................... regularly.
a. to update            b. updating      c. to be updated           d. being updated
45. It is no good ............................ sorry for yourself.
a. to feel                 b. feeling                     c. feel               d. felt
     46. Peter regrets …………Marry’s birthday party
a. not to attend       b. not attending            c. not to be attending  d. not to be attended
     47. Will you remind me .................... this letter at the post office?
a. to post                b. posting         c. to be posted             d. being posted
     48. I shall never forget-----------with you to Paris last year.
     a. staying         b. to staying        c. to stay              d. stayed
     49. I am looking forward to -----------you.
     a. having seen     b. seeing        c. to see                d. all are wrong
     50. I am always remember------------ off the lights before I leave my house.
     a. turning       b. to turn            c. turned                 d. being turned
     51.She was able………………English when she was very young.
  a. to sing                b. sing              c. singing                     d. sang
     52. Could you please stop …………..so much noise?
a.       make               b. to make        c. made                        d. making
     53. She said that she had talked to me but I didn’t remember ……………her before.
a.       seeing               b. to see           c. not seeing                            d. see
     54. Let your name…………..in the sheet of paper.
  1. write                b. be written                c. written                     d. to write
     55. We hoped……………..by our teacher.

  1. to help                         b. helping        c. to be helped                         d. being helped
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