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Trong Tiếng Anh động từ phải phù hợp với chủ ngữ của nó. Cụ thể:

•    Chñ ng÷  sè Ýt (He, She, It ,The boy, The camel ,) ®éng tõ chia sè Ýt .
Ex: The car was new.
•    Chñ  ng÷ sè nhiÒu: ®éng tõ chia sè nhiÒu . 
Ex: The books were on the top shelf.
Ex: These women wash their clothes everyday.

 Nhưng chủ ngữ trong Tiếng Anh không phải lúc nào cũng dễ xác định theo số ít hoặc số nhiều vì vậy khi xác định chủ ngữ ta cần Lưu ý các trường hợp sau:          

1.  Chủ ngữ là một danh động từ, động từ nguyên thể hay một mệnh đề: động từ chia theo ngôi thứ 3 số ít.
            Ex: Walking in the rain is not a good idea.       
Ex: To learn a foreign language is necessary.
Ex: That you get high grades in the school is very important.

2.  Chủ ngữ là một nhóm từ  thì phải tìm từ chính và chia động từ phù hợp với từ đó
Ex:      A list of new books has been posted in the library.
Ex: The shops along the mall are rather small.

3 . S1 + of/ as well as/  with/ together with/ in addition to/ along with/ accompanied by/ no less than +S2 =>§éng tõ hoµ hîp víi S1.
Ex: The professor together with his three students has been called to court.
Ex: The mayor as well as his councilmen refuses to endorse the bill.
Ex: The students along with their form teacher were at the beach yesterday.

4 .Chñ ng÷ lµ ®¹i tõ bÊt ®Þnh: one, everyone, no one, nobody, anyone, anybody, someone, somebody, everybody, anything, something, nothing, everything =>§éng tõ chia sè Ýt
Ex: Nobody is at home now. 
Ex:  Is there anybody here?  
Ex: Everything has been all right so far.

5. Chñ ng÷ kÐp:

a•  S1+AND +S2 +=> §éng tõ chia theo ch ng sè nhiÒu.  
Ex: England,  Scotland  and Wales  form  Great Britain.
Ex: EJohn and I are cousins.
            Ex: The headmaster and the teacher are talking.

*But: The secretary and accountant hasn't come yet. (Mt người làm hai nhim v)
             The great doctor and 'discoverer is no more.
       Whisky and soda has always been his favourite drink.
( trong trường hợp 2 danh từ nối với nhau bằng AND nhưng chúng cùng chỉ 1 người, 1 bộ hoặc 1 món ăn. Đối với trường hợp cùng chỉ 1 người thì dấu hiệu nhận biết là danh từ thứ 2 không có THE, còn với bộ hoặc món ăn thì tùy vào ý của người nói).
Ex : - Fish and chips is a popular meal in Britain.
Ex - Fish and chips make a good meal (If we think of the items as "separate", we use plural verb)

NOTE: "Each" or "every" preceding singular subjects joined by "and" takes a singular verb,
Ex : Each boy and each girl is to work independently.

bS1+ OR +S2 =>§éng tõ hoµ hîp víi S2:
Ex: Has your mother or father given you permission to use the  car?

cEither+S1+ or + S2     à V hoµ hîp víi S2 :
    Neither+ S1+Nor +S2à                                                                                                                    
           Ex: Neither the students nor their teacher regrets the approach of summer

+ singular noun                         
 + singular verb
of + plural noun / pronoun        

•.  ALL / BOTH / FEW /A FEW/ MANY / SEVERAL / SOME + plural noun   à  PLURAL VERB
                                                                                                         of + plural noun / pronoun

 •.  ALL/ SOME /LITTLE/A LITTLE   +Non count noun        à singular verb
                                                                   of+ Non count noun

6. Chủ ngữ là danh từ tập hợp dùng như 1 đơn vị   =>V chia theo S  số ớt ( GROUP / JURY/ ARMY / FAMILY / CLASS /COMMITTEE / TEAM /ENEMY/ COUNCIL...)
Ex: The football team practises every day.               
Ex: The herd of elk is in the meadow       
            Ex: The family arrives together at 8.00.

*Danh tõ tËp hîp chØ tõng thµnh viªn =>V chia theo S s nhiu.    
Ex: The football team buy their own uniforms .
Ex: John has just arrived and now the family are all here.

*Các danh từ như:  the police, the military, the people, cattle, poultry, clergy,     =>  V chia theo S s nhiu. 
Ex: The police are questioning him.

***. Danh từ tập hợp được hình thành bởi  by "the + adjective" => V chia theo S số nhiều.
            Ex: The sick need medical care and tenderness.
           Ex: The American people don't trust  the news

****. Danh t tp hp như FURNITURE / LUGGAGE / INFORMATION / KNOWLEDGE / TRAFFIC / EQUIPMENT / SCENERY / MACHINERY... (khụng bao giờ cú _S với những danh từ này) => V chia theo S số ớt.
      Ex: The furniture was more expensive than I thought.
 Ex: Traffic is heavy .
      Ex: The traffic has increased rapidly in the downtown areas.

7. Chñ ng÷ lµ nhãm tõ chØ sè l­îng  (kho¶ng thêi gian, ®o l­êng, träng l­îng, thÓ tÝch sè tiÒn...)=>V chia theo S s ít.
Ex: Twenty-two inches is a tiny waist measurement.      
Ex: Fifty dollars seems a reasonable price

*Ph©n sè / phn trăm+N(sè Ýt )=> V chia theo S sè Ýt.     Ex: A quarter of the cake is gone.                                                                  
                 + N( sè nhiÒu) => Vchia theo S sè nhiÒu.          Ex: Half of the tables are occupied.

*The majority of+N(sè Ýt) => V chia theo S sè Ýt.    
                             +N(sè nhiÒu) => Vchia theo S sè nhiÒu.         
Ex: The majority of the customers are happy.

 8. Tiªu ®Ò s¸ch b¸o, tªn c¬ quan, tæ chøc ®oµn thÓ, quèc gia, dï viÕt ë sè nhiÒu=> ®éng tõ chia theo S sè Ýt.           
Ex: Chaucer's  Canterbury Tales  includes  many humorous characterizations.
Ex: The Malay States is now part of the Federation of Malaysia.

9. C¸c danh tõ chØ bÖnh tËt, m«n häc, m«n thÓ thao, tªn n­íc, thñ ®«: news, means, series, billiards, mathematics, species, measles, mumps, rickets, mathematics, economics, , linguistics, physics, phonetics, athletics, politics, statistics, Algiers, Athens, Brussels, Marseilles, Naples, the Philippines, the United Nations, the United States, Wales.........)  => ®éng tõ chia theo S sè Ýt.    

           Ex: The morning news is on at 6 o'clock.
Ex: Measles is sometimes serious.

10. Nh÷ng danh tõ sau ®©y lu«n ®i sè nhiÒu (glasses, scissors (keo), pants, shorts, jeans, tongs (cai kep), pliers (kim), tweezers (nhip), eye-glasses, ear-rings......) à §éng tõ chia theo S sè nhiÒu.
Ex: My trousers are torn    .                   
Ex: These scissors are dull.

But:- A pair of glasses costs quite a lot these days.
       - This pair of scissors is  sharp.

11. THE NUMBER OF +N(sè nhiÒu)=> ®éng tõ chia theo S sè Ýt.         
Ex: The number of road accidents is increasing.

12. A NUMBER OF +N (sè nhiÒu) => ®éng tõ chia theo S sè nhiu.     
Ex: A number of spectators were injured

13. No + singular noun + singular verb :                 Ex: No example is right in this case.
plural noun   + plural verb   :                   Ex: No examples are right in this case.

14. None of the + non-count noun    + -singular verb
plural noun        + plural verb        Ex: - None of the  counterfeit money has been found.
                                                                                      Ex: - None of the students have finished the exam yet.

15. It + be + noun / pronoun (in the subject form)     
Ex - It is they who provide the modem medical aids.                             
Ex- Go and tell them it  is I who did it.

16. There + be + noun:  ( động từ phụ thuộc vào danh từ).                                            

Ex: There have not been many large-scale epidemics lately.

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