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Ôn thi Tiếng Anh: CHUYÊN ĐỀ  INFINITIVES: §éng tõ nguyªn thÓ : The perfect infinitive: BÀI TẬP VẬN DỤNG

Exercise 3: Find a mistake in the four underlined parts A,B,C or D of each sentence.
68. I decided to change jobs because my boss makes me work over time.
          A             B                                                 C             D
69. Get more exercise appears to be the best way to lose weight.
      A                             B         C                             D
70. Let’s stop to watch so much TV so that we can read or go out instead.
          A             B                                                     C            D
71. I advise you starting looking for a flat at once.
                             A          B       C               D
72. He postponed to make a decision till it was too late to do anything.
                                A                        B                C                     D
73. It is extremely important for an engineer to know to use a computer.
     A         B                          C                          D
74. There’s no point having a car if you never use it.
        A                        B                            C     D
75. I’d like him going to a university, but I can’t make him go.
                             A               B                      C                 D
76. Simon finds it hard for making friends with other children.
                    A       B            C                        D
77. During a curfew it is not possible walking on the streets after a specified hour.
           A                                                    B      C                                   D
78. His teacher encouraged him talking part in the international piano competition.
                                A                     B                            C                                D
79. Don’t let the children to stay up too late.
         A     B                           C                D
80. We were made doing a lot of homework at our school.

                   A             B        C                       D
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