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II. Choose the underlined part in each sentence (A, B,C, or D ) that needs correcting.

1. After Mrs. Wang had returned to her house from work, she was cooking dinner.                                                         
                                            A       B                    C                            D    
2. Jimmy threw the ball high in the air, and Betty catching it when it came down
                 A                   B                                     C           D
3. Linda has worn her new yellow dress only once since she buys it.
                        A              B                    C                        D
4. Last week Mark told me that he got very bored with his present job and is looking for a new one.
                   A                   B                                                           C                      D
5. Having fed the dog, he was sat down to his own meal.
A                            B              C         D
6. When I turned on my computer, I was shocked to find some junk mail, and I just delete it all.
                                                                A           B                                      C      D
7. They are going to have to leave soon and so do we.
                                A             B                   C     D
8. The boss laughed when the secretary has told him that she really needed a pay rise.
                                                               A                           B         C        D
9. The telephone rang several times and then stop before I could answer it.
           A             B   C                   D
10. Debbie, whose father is an excellent tennis player, has been playing tennis since ten years.
            A                                             B         C                                D
11. I have seen lots of interesting places when I went on holiday last summer
            A         B            C                             D
12. When my cat heard a noise in the bushes, she stopped moving and listen intently
     A                                                          B               C        D
13. I think it’s time you must change your way of living.
          A                                          B                      C    D
14. Roger felt the outside of his pocket to make sure his wallet is still there.
                            A                                B             C              D
15. When I’m shopping in the supermarket, I ran into an old friend who I hadn’t met for five years.
                         A                                              B                                     C          D
16. The police arrested the man while he is having dinner in a restaurant.
       A                                   B              C                D
17. Peter and Wendy first met in 2006, and they are married for three years now.
                                    A                     B                     C                                      D
18. Some people are believing there is life on other planets.
   A                     B                              C     D
19. Recently, the island of Hawaii had been the subject o fintensive research on the occurrence of earthquakes.
A                       B                                     C                           D        
20. Every morning, the sun shines in my bedroom window and waking me up.
          A                                           B               C          D
21. We’ll be cycled to Hoa’s village at this time next Sunday.
       A                           B          C              D
22. What will you do when your friends won’t come ?
            A         B   C                             D
23. My friend didn’t drink any beer since we came to live here.
                              A        B                          C                D
24. We have written to each other when we were in primary school.
                        A                B         C          D
25. Will we go to the pop concert this weekend for a change?

       A            B                                                   C             D
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